Ambulance Services  in Chennai

What is an Ambulance Service?, Purpose, Services, Facilities and Our Doctors & Specialists.

The pivotal factor to consider in emergency or ambulance services in Chennai is to maintain punctuality and provide aid to the maimed.

Emergency care is also known as paramedic or ambulance services. The top-notch out-of-hospital emergency care is provided by our private ambulance Chennai.

What is an Ambulance Service?

We aid our seriously ill or mutilated patients to receive compassionate and advanced care from our specialists, who are nationally recognized, experts.


We have a multidisciplinary team that consists of veteran doctors, certified paramedics, nurses, and other clinical staff providing advanced services.


Smart Intensive Care Units (ICUs).

Rapid medical evaluation process.

Sophisticated emergency equipment and devices.

Our Doctors & Specialists:

The emergency ambulance service in Chennai is no more exclusively for emergencies only. It has now become the first point of meeting for multiple patients.


70, Josier Street,Nungambakkam, Chennai-600034.

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