Best General Surgeon in Chennai

At Vinita Hospital, a general surgeon is a specialized medical professional who is trained to perform a broad range of surgical procedures.

Who are General Surgeons?

General surgeons are medical doctors who have completed their medical degrees and further specialized in general surgery.

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* Appendicitis. * Gallbladder diseases. * Hernias. * Breast tumors.

Conditions Treated by Best General Surgeon in Chennai

Patients should consider consulting the best general surgeon in Chennai when they experience symptoms or conditions that require surgical evaluation or treatment.

When to Approach a General Surgeon?

* Blood tests. * Imaging studies (X-rays, ultrasound, CT scans, MRI). * Endoscopy and colonoscopy. * Biopsies for tissue analysis.

Diagnostic Tests Taken

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The Department of general surgery in Chennai at Vinita Hospital is equipped with highly skilled and experienced general surgeons who are experts in performing a diverse array of surgical procedures aimed at treating various medical conditions.

Treatment Procedures Handled

This surgical procedure involves the removal of the appendix to prevent it from rupturing and causing potentially life-threatening complications.


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Cholecystectomy is carried out to treat gallbladder diseases, including gallstones and inflammation of the gallbladder (cholecystitis).


General surgeons are adept at repairing various types of hernias, including inguinal (groin) hernias, umbilical hernias, and incisional hernias.

Hernia Repair

A mastectomy is performed by general surgeons in Chennai to treat breast cancer or other conditions that require the removal of breast tissue.


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Colon resection, also known as colectomy, is performed under general surgery in Chennai to treat conditions such as colon cancer, inflammatory bowel disease, or large polyps.

Colon Resection


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