Best Vascular Surgeon in Chennai

Best Vascular Surgeon in Chennai:

When you have some issues like Varicose veins, Dialysis access, Chronic venous insufficiency, or Carotid artery disease then surely you must visit a Vascular surgeon in Chennai.  They detect diseases and develop effective treatment plans.


Who are Vascular surgeons?

Vascular surgeons are highly qualified and experienced specialists who know to manage a vast range of issues with your blood vessels.  Having vast knowledge on Vascular Surgery and vast depth in giving a wide range of medical treatments including lifestyle modifications, diet programs, minimally invasive procedures, and complex open surgeries.


best vascular surgeons in Chennai:

1. Dr. Krishna M (MS, MCh Vascular Surgery) 2. Dr. K Elancheralathan ( MS. MCh Vascular Surgery)


Dr. Krishna M MS, MCh (Vascular Surgery):

He is the best vascular surgeon in Chennai dedicating his selfless work at Vinita Care Hospital.  He has gained vast experience in the field of surgery and earned lots of esteem and respect for his devoting work towards vascular surgical intervention Being the best vascular surgeon in Chennai, he always incorporates his knowledge with his experience to give effective treatment to his patients.


Dr. K.Elancheralathan ( MS. MCh Vascular Surgery)

He has 15 years of experience in vascular surgery and is an Edmound Chalke gold medal winner in Ms Gen. Surgery Mch (Vascular Surgery) – Madras Medical College.  He has been the most knowledgeable and best vascular surgeon in Chennai practicing actively for a few decades at Vinita Healthcare Hospital. Good at giving quality vascular treatment to all his patients at a nominal cost.


Why Choose Our Hospital?

The Department of Vascular Surgery at Vinita Healthcare Hospital is bestowed with world-class treatments.  The hospital has well facilitated a range of advanced technologies to conduct all vascular surgery and endovascular procedures along with other medical therapies. Vinita health care Hospital has a personalized care center with comprehensive diagnostic and interdisciplinary care for treating all vascular diseases.


What Makes Us Special?

Vinita Health care Hospital is special from other hospitals – As it cares for its patients! It offers the latest minimally invasive technologies for the removal of varicose veins.  Here all vascular surgeons are experienced and have gained extensive training in complicated open surgeries.


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