Diabetes and its effects on your body

Effects of diabetes on your body, Eye, Heart and Diabetes and its effects on your body.

Diabetes is one of the most widespread diseases and it is even recognized to be a global pandemic.  A good thing about this epidemic is that if you diagnose it early, you can keep it at bay.

Glucose is the main source of energy and insulin (a compound produced by the pancreas) is what transports it throughout the body.

Why do you get diabetes?

Heart: Diabetes can increase the risk of heart diseases by affecting nerves and blood vessels.

Effects of diabetes on your body:


Diabetes can cause the hardening of blood vessels due to which blood circulation can get affected.  It is also called diabetic neuropathy and it mostly affects your feet and legs.


As the blood purifier of the body, diabetes can have harmful effects on the kidneys.  When a person has diabetes, the kidneys have to work harder than usual to purify the blood.


Sometimes one might experience skin conditions due to diabetes.

It is not an alarming condition of diabetes yet it should be given attention as it directly reflects the level of blood sugar.

If diabetes is left unmanaged, it can affect one’s eye.  While the early symptoms include blurriness, dark areas of vision, difficulty identifying colors, and floaters, it can lead to blindness.


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