Dialysis Hospital in Chennai


Best dialysis hospital in Chennai like the Vinita Health Hospital is dedicated to provide a comprehensive care for both indoor and outdoor patients with renal replacement therapy offering peritoneal dialysis unit, home haemodialysis and transplantation. 

Dialysis is indicated when a patient develops end-stage renal disease or kidney failure.  It is a life support treatment for patients with renal failure. In kidney failure, the kidneys will be unable to filter the blood and clear the uremic toxins (waste products such as urea, creatinine and acids).

What is Dialysis?

Dialysis aids your body to stay in balance by:

1. Clearing or removing waste products, toxins, salt & excess water from the body. 2. Maintaining the balance of chemicals like sodium, potassium, and bicarbonate. 3. Keeping blood pressure in control.

People who are prone to kidney failure, or end-stage renal disease may be in need of dialysis.  Injuries or conditions like diabetes high blood pressure, and lupus can damage kidneys, leading to kidney disorders. Kidney failure can be a long-term condition, or it can emerge suddenly (acute) after a severe injury or illness. This type of kidney failure will go away as you recover.

Who Needs Dialysis?

Types of Dialysis:

Hemodialysis: It is a type of dialysis where the best dialysis hospital in Chennai uses an artificial kidney (hemodialyzer) to help remove toxins, electrolytes like potassium, carbonate and excessive fluid from the human body. Peritoneal Dialysis: This type of dialysis is performed in the dialysis hospital in Chennai where a patient’s blood gets cleaned using a specialized fluid by keeping it inside their abdominal cavity.

Facilities Available: The facilities provided in the best dialysis hospital in Chennai are among the most sophisticated with modern technology.

Vascular Access:

1. AV Fistula. 2. AV Graft. 3. Long Term Dialysis Catheter Insertion. 4. Temporary Dialysis Catheter Insertion. 5. Femoral Catheterization.

Dialysis Modalities:

> Haemodialysis. > SCUF. > SLED. > CAPD. > High Flux Dialysis. > CRRT. > ADP.

Special Therapies/ Investigation:

> Plasmapheresis. > DTPA Scan. > DRCG Scan. > DMSA Scan. > Kidney Biopsy. > Vascular Mapping &  Angiography.

1. Cadaver Renal Transplant. 2. Living Donor Kidney Transplant. 3. ABOi Kidney Transplant . 4. OPD & IPD treatment of all kidney diseases.

Kidney Transplant:

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