Operating Room Services in Chennai

At Vinita Hospital, we provide comprehensive services with state-of-the-art medical equipment.

All operating room services combine microscopic, endoscopic, arthroscopic, and laparoscopic surgical procedures along with the most innovative technologies in diagnostic imaging.


Interventions are performed in short duration and safety is more guaranteed, with a lower risk of infections.

More information in real-time is provided during the operation.

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* Fewer post-operative complications and sequelae, resulting in rapid recovery after surgery and less time hospital stay for the patients.

* Less physical trauma for the patient.

* Our operating room services facilitate the multidisciplinary work of specialists specialized in several medical areas.

* Diagnosis and intervention are performed at the same time.


Conduct anesthesia in operating rooms which is under stringent safety norms. Pre-anesthetic screening, risk stratification, and optimization of all our patients before surgical procedure.

Anaesthesia is provided for patients who undergo day-care procedures.

Acute pain services for managing post-operative pain using nerve blocks epidural analgesia, and patient-controlled analgesia.


State-of-the-art anesthesia workstations comprising inbuilt safety features in all operating rooms.

Basic monitoring equipment includes oxygen saturation, ECG, non-invasive BP, invasive BP/CVP/PA pressures, neuromuscular monitoring, and airway pressures and gas volumes.

Our operation theater in the hospital has cardiac monitoring that includes thermodilution cardiac output, continuous cardiac output monitoring, ACT and ABG, and transoesophageal echo.

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