Physiotherapy in Chennai

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The Department of physiotherapy in Chennai at Vinita Hospital addresses all the health issues of our patients through well-defined and wellness fitness programs that cater to a complete.

Shoulder Surgery It is necessary to repair the diseased or degenerated shoulder joints and is a treatment option for numerous conditions in the shoulder.

Surgical Procedures:

The physiotherapy in Chennai is essential to correct the problems in the back or spine where it addresses the conditions like scoliosis, tumors, vertebral trauma or injury.

Back and Spine Surgery:

Knee Replacement Surgery:

Knee arthroplasty or total knee replacement is usually performed by the physiotherapist in Chennai with an aim to resurface a knee damaged by arthritis.

Hip Replacement Surgery:

Aims to replace the damaged or worn-out hip joints. During the procedure of physiotherapy in Chennai, the physiotherapist will replace the hip joint with a prosthesis.


Manual therapy


Ice treatments or cold therapy

Hot packs


Ultrasound therapy

Minimal energy techniques

Electrotherapy or electrical stimulation

Manual therapy

Our high standards of physiotherapy in Chennai are attributed to our systematic approach based on the current condition and the personalized needs of each individual patient.

The expert physiotherapist in Chennai at Vinita Hospital assesses the underlying cause of the patient’s joint, muscle, or nerve issue by using a combination of manual therapy.

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