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Vinita Health believes in enabling people by putting their health in their hands.

First we empower, then we heal.

At Vinita Health, our mission is to help people take a holistic approach to their health. By empowering them with the information they need and the tools they require, we enable them to take their health into their own hands.
Health@Home is an initiative of Vinita Heath that provides care for stable patients in the comfort of their own homes. Our skilled and experienced visiting nurses, technicians, and physiotherapists work with the guidance of our Doctors to reduce the duration of a patient’s hospital stay, and help patients recuperate faster from injury, illness, or surgery safely amidst the comfort and familiarity of their loved ones.

Our home services include but are not limited to:

  • Administering injections and IV fluids
  • Collecting blood and urine samples for lab tests
  • 24-hour blood pressure monitoring
  • Continuous glucose monitoring
  • Diabetic-foot wound and vacuum dressing
  • Caring for Decubitus/bedsores
  • Post Operative wound care
  • Foley catheter care and removal
  • Supplying and organizing patient medications to facilitate patient understanding and adherence
  • TENS for neuropathy pain
  • Cardiac monitoring and Holter monitor placement
  • Suture removal
  • Aid with medication nebulizations
  • Home hemodialysis,
  • Home Peritoneal dialysis,
  • Physiotherapy
  • Education on Insulin injections and Erythropoietin administration.

By giving patients the convenience and the option of utilizing these services at home, Vinita Health is helping them recover faster and in a familiar setting, which also aids the recovery process. Our skilled team is always at hand, and makes sure that the patient is well cared for, no matter what the ailment or recovery period is.

Home dialysis is one of our services we prioritize a great deal.

Administering Dialysis (Hemodialysis and Peritoneal) is a significant part of treating a patient suffering with any Kidney-related illness. It is primordial that it is easily accessible by the patient.
Home dialysis is one of our services we prioritize a great deal as it allows our patient to obtain a crucial treatment without any hassle. Through the guidance and support of our highly trained medical staff, we are pleased to provide this service at the comfort of your home.

If you or your loved ones are in need of this service contact us to find out more about its eligibility.

We don't just file your medical reports. We empower you by giving you complete access to them.

At Vinita Hospital, we want people to celebrate and enjoy their quality of life by taking actions that ensure longevity. We are leveraging technology to help people take a holistic approach to their health and take it into their own hands.
Vinita Hospital presents the Vinita Health App – An integrated app that gives you access to all your medical history at your fingertips, to cover all your medical needs from the comfort of your home. The app also features our World-Class Health@Home feature.
With the application, all our specialists and primary care doctors are available to get in touch with from 8 am to 8 pm with prior appointments.

Download the beta version of Vinita Health App from Play Store and leave us a review of your experience.