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At Vinita Health, we want people to celebrate and enjoy their quality of life by taking actions that ensure longevity.

Our comprehensive approach to healthcare with Health@Home, a wide range of specialities, innovative services, and a technologically integrated experience, allows Vinita to empower patients to take their health back into their own hands.

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We exist to make world-class healthcare accessible and affordable to all by creating a new-age, holistic approach to health and well-being. Through the use of technology, we empower people to take their health into their hands, we give them the option to consult us in our state-of-the- art clinics and finally, provide them with world-class care in our hospital.


We utilize the entire ecosystem of digital technology as well as physical hospitals and clinics to give our patients the very best in healthcare. Whenever possible, we monitor them remotely through wearable and digital devices and when they need our intervention, offer them world- class facilities at our physical locations.



We are rebuilding the entire healthcare ecosystem by offering a holistic approach to healthcare. Through our network of world-class clinics and hospital, we provide access to an ecosystem of affordable healthcare and through the use of technology, we promote preventive healthcare measures which are, once again, accessible and affordable to all.

Scope of Speciality services

  • Preventive Health care Dr. sarita, Dr. vijayshree
  • General Medicine Dr. Lakshmi durga
  • Diabetology Dr. Pradeep, Dr. Sowmya
  • Nephrology Dr. Sarita, Dr Anita, Dr. Rajeevalochana
  • Urology Dr. Srivathsan, Dr. Jayaganesh
  • Urogynecology Dr. Vijayshree
  • Gynecology Dr. premlatha
  • Vascular Surgery Dr. Elancheralathan, Dr. Krishna
  • General Surgery Dr. Mohan Rao, Dr. Nanda Kishore
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  • ENT Dr. Prabha, Dr. Namratha
  • Cardiology Dr. Avinash, Dr. Shalini
  • Respiratory Medicine Dr. Harish, Dr. Vighnesh
  • Critical Care Medicine Dr. Ranjiit
  • Orthopedics Center of excellence in Knee Replacement Dr. Subramaniam, Dr. Manikyavelayutham, Dr. Sundar
  • Orthoneurology Dr. Suresh
  • Neurology Dr. Philomina
  • Infectious diseases Dr. Madhumitha
  • Dermatology Dr Murali


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