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Our facility

We at Vinita Hospital are equipped with world-class facilities for treatment in various departments of excellence in Medicine. Our specialities include Nephrology, Orthopaedic, General surgery, Oncology, Diabetic care & a fully equipped Emergency care Unit.

Vinita Hospital is dedicated to the International Patient Services by providing specialized medical care. We aim to bring together the very best of the advanced technology and innovations to take care of all healthcare related and other needs of patients and their companions coming from overseas. 

The trauma of suffering from any ailment or uncertainty of medical treatment in a foreign land can always be a stressful experience. This is exactly where our dedicated and expert team of International Patient Services Personnel come into action to make all your medical treatments a beneficial experience starting from online consultation, recovery to departure after treatment.

Patient centricity is at the heart of everything we do at Vinita Hospital. From the warmth of our welcome to the quality of our compassion and care, international patients will remember customized services and personal attention as a home away from home.

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International Patient Services

  • Seamless round-the-clock services from medical opinion to consultant/doctor selection. 
  • Personalized consultation with Senior Consultants via e-mail/teleconsultation.
  • Complementary query response from Senior Medical and Surgical Specialists to all patient queries with a shorter response time. 
  • Providing cost estimates for anticipated treatment.
  • Scheduling appointment and detailed treatment including OT booking.
  • Coordination of the admissions process.
  • Reservation of rooms. 
  • Hotel services / Apartments bookings.
  • Special dietary needs/ religious arrangements.
  • All copies of reports after consultation documented for patients.
  • Online payment option.
  • Payment can be done via cash/major credit cards.
  • The teams assist in making arrangements for tours and sight-seeing. 
  • Providing language interpretation services.
  • Privileged assistance during stay.

Value -Added Services

  • Flight arrangements or extensions/ visa assistance.
  • FRRO registration facility.
  • Embassy assistance. 
  • Dedicated International Patient Services helpdesk to facilitate registration with foreign exchange, local transport, shopping, confirmation of air tickets, etc. 
  • Currency exchange and wire transfer.
  • Car hire facility.
  • Choice of international cuisine.
  • Post-discharge query handling.
  • Follow-up services after recovery and departure to home country. 
  • Conference call services. 

Plan Your Visit

At Vinita Hospital, we understand that it requires proper planning and execution for the international patients and their families to visit another country for medical treatment. To make sure that your journey is hassle-free, we assist you in every step of the way. Listed below are the key phases you will go through and the steps to be taken.

  • Get in touch with us by contacting Vinita Hospital International Patient Desk
  •  +91 7299078999
  • Send your medical history / reports to assess the best treatment plan for you along with the results of your tests for further review and evaluation.
  • Our Doctors will schedule an online consultation by assessing your medical history, existing condition to discuss the following:
    • Regarding the various procedures and best treatment plan for you.
    • New surgical, minimal invasive techniques to ensure that you have a reduced hospital stay and quick recovery.
    • Regional or general anaesthesia along with the lowest infection rates at our hospital.
    • Advanced medicines to aid in your pain relief and maximize ability to enjoy an active lifestyle. 
    • Physical therapy programs for your speedy recovery.
    • Cost estimates and confirmation of agreement over the cost estimates for the planned treatment.
  • Arrange you trip on submission of your passport copy, so you can start arranging your flight tickets. 
  • Our representative (Arabic/Bengali/Burmese speaking) will receive you at the airport and shall escort you to Vinita Hospital. Interpretation of other languages can also be arranged on request. 
  • Pre-operation check-up will take place the next morning or the same day for you to undergo the treatment plan with a team of specialist Doctors. 
  • After the treatment or post operation you can stay at the chosen accommodation for the prescribed days of stay in the hospital with an attendant (by choice). 
  • Then our International Patient Services team would provide assistance for 
    • Return travel to the native country.
    • Booking tickets and making necessary travel arrangements accordingly to drop you at the airport.
    • Medical follow-up and regular updates on patients’ progress. 

Why Vinita Hospital?

We are committed to meet the needs of our patients by providing them with the most appropriate care delivered by our knowledgeable, and compassionate Doctors in their respective medical fields during your entire stay with us.

  • Our patients get a premium care with the most exclusive treatment offerings and ultramodern diagnostic facilities.
  • Excellent Doctors who hold decades of experience and are committed to deliver health aspirations of the global citizens.  
  • We always ensure to improve patient experience with prompt customer service and utmost patient satisfaction. 
  • Dedicated to meet the needs and requirements for the patients and families coming from around the globe. 
  • Equipped with well-trained and highly skilled nursing, technical and support staff to inculcate love, compassion and dedication in their service. 
  • Multi-disciplinary approach to handle patients by understanding and treating their ailments with advanced medical and surgical procedures. 
  • Our international patient coordinators assist you within no time and ensure that your requirements are fully met. 
  • We respect your privacy and never fail to maintain the highest level of confidentiality. 
  • Committed to provide end-to-end care with unparalleled simplicity that deliver advanced, and exceptional care even after you have returned home. 


Patients reaching Vinita Hospital can make their stay comfortable in the vicinity under the hospitality division. 

  • Our comprehensive accommodation services like multi-cuisine restaurants, snack bars and room service would provide a wide range of continental foods. 
  • We ensure to maintain the highest standards of quality and hygiene in every stage of food production. 
  • Information about good restaurants that are located nearby would also be available from the Help Desk.
  • The meals for one patient attendant during the hospital stay are provided complimentary in a sustainable manner. 
  • Choice of selecting from our range of suites or rooms catering to your comfort and convenience during your stay with us. 
  • Hotel / guest house accommodation for pre admission and post discharge are arranged with-in close proximity to the hospital.
  • Telephone facilities are provided by us where the international patients can make local or long-distance calls through the operator on a chargeable basis. 
  • We provide you with a wide range of health insurance partners to provide timely information for accurate approval and prompt settlement of claims. 

Moreover, we ensure to give you an experience like home by adopting the international standards of care blended with the utmost compassion. 

Enquiry Now

 If you have any queries about our medical specialties, facilities or services, or treatments, please submit your query and we will provide you with the necessary information within 2 working days.