Does Exercise Lower the Risk of Kidney Stones?

Best Exercise for Kidney Stones
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Kidney stones are solid masses that are formed inside the kidney when any waste materials collect due to the insufficiency of fluids in the body. Best exercise for kidney stones are formed in the kidney but they pass anywhere in the urinary tract. A few factors are considered to have kidney stones like Low fluid intake, a high protein diet, foods rich in oxalate, excess salt, excess body weight, etc.

Along with the medication, good foods and exercises can heal you from a kidney stone. The best exercise for kidney stones can only heal you from kidney issues.

Does Exercise Help with Kidney Stones?

Exercise plays an important role in the functioning of the human body properly. Doing the regular best exercise for kidney stones like a 30-minute walk, jogging a little, or doing a little cardio can heal your kidney stone problems. Regular exercise can help your organ to function properly. When you have such issues as kidney stone problems than doing exercise can be very effective.

The best exercise for kidney stones like jogging, walking, and doing cardio exercises can improve your kidney quality and ensure you get rid of kidney-related ailments.

Doing mild exercise is also the best exercise for kidney stones that can reduce the chances of creating kidney stones.

Best Exercise for Kidney Stones

How Effective is Exercising for Kidney Stones?

The best exercise for kidney stones can keep your kidney fit and fine along with your whole body. Doing normal walking, jogging, and cycling are a few exercises where you can get rid of stones related ailments problems. Along with doing this normal exercise, you can avoid obesity, cholesterol, and blood pressure, which are also the main factor for kidney stones.

When you exercise regularly, you can maintain your salt, calcium, and minerals levels in the body. That will help you not to accumulate excess salt, and minerals to be deposited in your body which is the main reason to form solid masses like stones in your kidney.

On the other hand, moderate exercise can improve kidney function. Regular doing best exercise for kidney stones can increase blood circulation to the kidneys and keep the kidney healthy. The Low-intensity workout is the best exercise to pass a kidney stone.

Doing low-intensity work out like walking, jogging, and cycling can help to pass the stone easily from your urinary tract.

Aquatic exercises and aerobics are also the best exercise for kidney stones where you can prevent further enlargement of the stone inside your body. Mild exercises like jogging and skipping can also reduce the chances of salt and minerals depositing in your body, which avoid forming solid masses like stone. 

Yoga Exercises for Kidney Stones

Apart from other workouts, yoga is also the best for removing your kidney stone. Yoga asanas like Garudasana, Ushtrasana, Bhujangasana, etc are very much beneficial when you have issues like kidney-related ailments. It heals the pain and gives relief from kidney stones.

Exercising can also avoid chronic kidney disease (CKD) by keeping you away from the factors like blood pressure, heart ailments, cholesterol, obesity, type 2 diabetes, etc.

Other Healthy Changes that Get rid of Kidney Stones

Along with exercises, you need to hydrate yourself first! Consume lots of fluids to keep your body hydrated. Doing exercise and keeping yourself hydrated is important dehydration may lead to symptoms of kidney stones. Drinking lots of water before, after, and during your whole workout is good.

You can take certain drinks like cranberry juice and lemonade which is very beneficial to keep you hydrated all day and also break down your stones. There is a need for some dietary changes like intake of less salt, minerals, and oxalate-rich foods. Always try to avoid preserved and processed foods that can put extra pressure on the kidneys.


If you have kidney problem issues then overview the blog in detail what are the best exercises to improve your kidney quality and what food to eat and not! Apart from that change your lifestyle and add yoga as your fitness mantra to avoid kidney-related ailments. Be healthy and stay fit and fine!

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