Best Vascular Surgery Hospital in Chennai

Best Vascular Surgery hospital in Chennai
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The question on the mind of patients sometimes penetrates why should I not opt for a Vascular Surgeon. There are many patients when the word surgeon comes to their mind, they think of something more serious!! However, when it comes to dealing with health issues like vascular diseases it is ideal to see the Best Vascular Surgery hospital around. There are many vascular surgeon in Chennai, who can help you to find out what exact vascular diseases your body is predicting.

For patients who have vascular diseases, it is right for them to opt for a Vascular Surgeon who’s a specialist trained to treat diseases that had affected their vascular system. Vascular diseases include carotid artery disease, peripheral artery disease, varicose veins, deep vein thrombosis, aortic aneurysms, etc.

If you find such above issues then surely you have to meet a well-known and experienced surgeon, who can deal perfectly with your vascular diseases. As Chennai is said to be the best medical hub in India, there are few vascular surgeon in Chennai, who can rightly help you to find out what problems your body exactly have.  

If you suffer from vascular ailments or veins-related diseases, you can also visit a Vascular Surgery hospital. And a patient who has rigorous pain in their legs can also visit Vascular Surgeon. There are many vascular surgeon in Chennai, who are available 24/7 in various Vascular Surgery hospitals. The vascular surgeon will suggest depending upon your case whether it is a case of peripheral or arterial disease.

When any issues are found with the veins and arteries, generally a Vascular Specialist treats and handles the issues very minutely he/she sees thoroughly each part of the human body. While checking, if the Vascular Specialist found some issues in your brain and heart then other specialists are responsible to check this part of the body, it is carried out when it is needed, in exceptional cases.

If you need to have vascular surgery, then a Vascular Specialist suggests that even also!! There are many hospitals for Vascular Surgery in Chennai, that are conducting this surgery very effectively and perfectly. 

A Vascular Specialist is keenly responsible for handling complications like: –

  • Diabetes,
  • Blockages in the arteries or veins,
  • Blood clots,
  • Aneurysms,
  • Varicose veins

If you are searching for the best vascular surgeon in Chennai, then here is the list discussed below that can surely help you a lot in finding the best Vascular Surgeon.

Seeking the best and ideal medical professional when treating Vascular Ailments is most important for your health safety. Find out by looking into these blog directories reviews of some of the Best vascular surgeon in Chennai

Best Vascular Surgery hospital in Chennai

Vinita Hospital

Vinita Hospital is the best at the top of the list when it comes to vascular surgery. Vinita Hospital is a reputed and best Vascular Surgery hospital. Having the best vascular surgeons who are great at adopting advanced surgical techniques to treat various kinds of vascular diseases.

The doctors who are working in this department are well qualified and have great proficiency in detecting exact vascular complications that prolong in the patients. And one of the doctors is  Dr. K Elancheralathan. He is the best vascular surgeon in Chennai working at Vinita Hospital for a decade. Having 15 years of vascular surgery experience.

If you have any vascular-related complications then visit here at Vinita Hospital.

 If you need any surgery, the doctor immediately will find out your keyhole about your complication and suggest immediate surgery.  Vinita Hospital is great for giving the best Vascular Surgery in Chennai.

Address: 70, Josier Street, Nungambakkam, Chennai-600034.

Vinita Hospital

VS Hospital

VS Hospital is a reputed and best Vascular Surgery hospital in Chennai. The hospital offers all types of treatment under one roof!! Treatment like allergies, asthma, otolaryngology (ENT), cardiology, emergency and trauma medicine, nephrology, neurology, obstetrics and gynecology, oncology and hematology, ophthalmology, orthopedics, pediatrics, podiatry, pulmonology, radiology, surgery and urology.

Among all vascular-related treatments comes in their top priority list, as it needs to give more important because whole body functioning depends upon your various veins and arteries which are linked with all our body parts. That’s why a here experienced doctor in the vascular surgery department works all day to find out the loopholes in veins and arteries and why it stops their working capacities. 

Dr. Jayanth Vijayakumar is the best vascular surgeon in Chennai working at VS hospital. Experience 13 years in this vascular general surgery. He is a more versatile doctor in the division of vascular surgery at Laser & Laparoscopic.

To make sure Yes, if you have some vascular-related issues then better opt for the best Vascular Surgery hospital in Chennai. And VS Hospital is one of them!!

Address:  #815/306, Poonamalle High Rd, Kilpauk, Chennai – 600010. 

VS Hospital

Hande Hospital

Hande Hospital is one of the finest Vascular Surgery hospitals. The unique specialty of this hospital is that they charge a nominal fee from the patient, in another word we can say it is a cost-effective and an affordable hospital for the poor as well. This hospital has a noble vision; Poor or Rich all never gets spared from getting quality and best health care treatment.

All are equal & all are the same when it comes to health care treatment. Believe to give quality care with a pocket-friendly approach!! All can get better treatment and better facilities when it comes it healthcare treatment.

If you are slightly doubting that you have any issues like swelling in your feet and legs never goes right after medication then you need to meet a vascular surgeon specialist!! Before it goes worse affects your blood vessels and impairs blood flow.

Meet Prof. Dr. T. Vidyasagaran best vascular surgeon in Chennai working at Hande Hospital. He can suggest better treatment so that you can easily get rid of initial symptoms that urge during any vascular-related disease.

If you have just swelled in your feet or legs, he can suggest any medicine or some other simple treatment where you can feel better. Rather than developing any more complications, it is high time, you should meet him and get checked properly!!!

Address: 44, Lakshmi Talkies Road, Shenoy Nagar, Chennai – 600 030

Hande Hospital

Vijaya Hospital, Chennai

Vijaya Hospital is one of the acclaimed Vascular Surgery hospitals. This Vascular Surgery hospitals have a good state of art ambiance that facilitate the well-being of their patients, who come for treatment.  If you have any vascular issues, you can meet Dr. SR Subrammaniyan – is a consultant and vascular surgeon who has professional experience of 21 years and is one of the best vascular surgeons in Chennai.

Address: No.323, N.S.K.Salai, Vadapalani. Chennai – 600026.

Vijaya Hospital, Chennai

Appasamy Hospital in Arumbakkam, Chennai

Appasamy Hospital is a 24/7 multispeciality Vascular Surgery hospital in Chennai offering reliable and ethical medical care. Appasamy Hospital has dedicated professionals, doctors, and vascular surgeons who are paving their steps to compete with cut-edge technology in giving the best health care when it comes to any vascular-related diseases.

If you find some health issues related to vascular problems then meet Dr. Jayakrishnan MBBS, MS – General Surgery, MCh – Vascular Surgery,  have 20 Years of Experience. He is the best vascular surgeons in Chennai. good at giving the best treatment, when it comes to any vascular surgery. 

Address: 23, Friends Avenue, Arumbakkam, Chennai – 600 106, Tamilnadu

Appasamy Hospital in Arumbakkam, Chennai


We all know when ages start growing, our bodies start to sagging!! We get huge wrinkles; our vision gets worse and our body starts to ache and pain. But have you taken into mind one most important things you can do for your health as you get older is to see a vascular surgeon? But vascular surgeons are important for everyone, not only for old people.

Vascular surgeons are the only one person who is trained in pediatric and adult vascular surgery. That means they can take care of both patients having complex vascular conditions needed for both pediatric and adult treatment. They are known to be multi-taskers having multi-talented brains. They also give treatment for cancerous tumors of the arteries and veins.

That always meant giving better treatment with a life-saving treatment guarantee that would not be possible with other types of surgeons. Finally, in this blog directory, you can able to know the best surgeon who is known to be a vascular surgeon in Chennai, working in various hospitals & serving mankind effortlessly.

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