Best Diabetologist in Chennai

Best Diabetologist in Chennai
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Choosing from the best diabetologist in Chennai for a sophisticated treatment can be a cruical task in everyone’s life as each one of us are in need of health care at some point or another. Vinita Hospital has a team of experts who are specialized in the diagnosis, and treatment of diabetes. 

What is Diabetes?

Diabetes or Diabetes Mellitus is a metabolic disease in which a person’s blood sugar or blood glucose level gets permanently elevated. Over time, if there is too much glucose in the blood it can cause severe health problems for a patient.

Although, diabetes has no cure, you can take necessary steps like approaching a top diabetologist in Chennai who can help you to manage your diabetes with a proper treatment plan. 

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Types of Diabetes

The most common types of diabetes that are treated by the best diabetologists in Chennai include:

  • Type 1 diabetes – This is usually diagnosed among children and young adults where the human body does not make insulin. 
  • Type 2 diabetes – This is usually diagnosed for any age groups where the human body does not make insulin or use insulin well. 
  • Gestational diabetes – This develops in some when they are pregnant. It can sometimes be type 2 diabetes where the patient has to get a prompt treatment. 
  • Other types of diabetes – These are rare types or inherited forms like monogenic diabetes and cystic fibrosis-related diabetes.

Symptoms of Diabetes

If you come across any of the below-mentioned symptoms, it is essential to visit the famous diabetologist in Chennai to get a proper treatment. 

  • Feeling thirsty most often.
  • Frequent urination.
  • Unintentional weight loss.
  • Mood swings.
  • Having blurry vision.
  • Infections in the gum, skin, or vagina.
  • Having slow-healing sores. 

When to See a Diabetologist?

When your primary doctor recommends you to approach the diabetologist or when you experience the symptoms of diabetes that turn about to be severe, you have to seek medical attention with the diabetologists in Chennai. 

Moreover, if left untreated, it can cause lead to other severe complications like stroke, heart disease, kidney disease, dental disease, eye problems, foot problems, nerve damage, etc.

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Diagnosis for Diabetes

Diabetes is diagnosed and managed to check the glucose level in a blood test. These include three tests to measure a diabetic patient’s blood glucose level. 

  • Fasting plasma glucose test.
  • Random plasma glucose test.
  • HbA1C or glycated hemoglobin test.
  • Oral glucose tolerance test.
  • Gestational diabetes test.

Sometimes, the top diabetologist in Chennai may recommend a urine test to check the presence of ketones, especially for patients with type 1 diabetes. 

Treatment Procedures

The treatments that are usually recommended by the famous diabetologist in Chennai is to keep a healthy weight through a proper nutritious diet and regular exercise plan or physical activity. Sometimes, when a patient has type 1 and type 2 diabetes and are in need to control the blood sugar levels within the normal range, the sugar doctors may treat,

  • Type 1 diabetes with insulin, type 1 diabetes diet and exercise.
  • Type 2 diabetes is treated with weight reduction, exercise, type 2 diabetes diet, diabetes medications (oral or injected) to control the elevated sugars.
  • Other diabetes with insulin when all the other medications become ineffective.

The Best Diabetologist in Chennai

If you or your loved ones are prone to diabetes, then you can consult the top diabetologist in Chennai at Vinita Hospital.

Dr. Pradeep Selvaraj


Dr. Pradeep Selvaraj is one of the clinical diabetologists in Chennai having 12 years of experience in the field of diabetology. He ensures to prevent and treat the patients who are prone to type 1 diabetes, gestational diabetes, type 2 diabetes, and all other complications related to diabetes, etc. using advanced treatment options. 

Dr. G. Ramya

MBBS., DNB., M. Med., FID (UK)

Dr. G. Ramya is a famous diabetologist in Chennai who provides preventive health care to the diabetic patients. She has 13 years of expertise in the medical field and treats the diabetic patients with a personalized treatment plan.


At Vinita Hospital, you can expect a quality care as it is equipped with the best diabetologists in Chennai who are highly skilled to provide the state-of-the-art treatments to help you lead a healthy lifestyle. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

A number of endocrinologists may play a major role in treating someone with diabetes but the best diabetologists in Chennai are the most common specialists to provide sophisticated treatments with cutting-edge techniques. You should also know that diabetes develops when the pancreas stops producing insulin in the way it should have to.

Usually, the diabetologists are more specific to treat primary and complex disorders relating to diabetes and its management. On the other hand, endocrinologists treat the entire endocrine system. Thus, for more guidance on effective insulin management, the best diabetologists in Chennai seek the help of the endocrinologists which means both play a significant role in the treatment of diabetes.

If you experience unusual or abnormal symptoms like increased hunger, extreme tiredness, frequent thirst, or urination, consult the best diabetologists in Chennai as he/she can help you overcome the most common symptoms of diabetes. Also, if you have been already diagnosed with diabetes, then it is essential to go for checkups every 4 – 6 months.

Immediate blood sugar reduction can be achieved by:
  • Insulin Administration: Under medical supervision for individuals with diabetes.
  • Physical Activity: Exercise helps cells use glucose for energy.
  • Hydration: Drinking water helps flush out excess sugar through urine.
  • Fiber-Rich Foods: Consuming high-fiber meals slows glucose absorption.
  • Protein Intake: Including protein-rich foods can stabilize blood sugar levels.
Always consult healthcare professionals for personalized advice on managing blood sugar levels.
Blood sugar levels can vary by age, and “normal” ranges may differ. Here are general guidelines for fasting blood glucose levels:
  • Children (6-12 years): 70-100 mg/dL
  • Teens (13-19 years): 70-100 mg/dL
  • Adults (20 years and older): 70-100 mg/dL
However, individual variations exist, and it’s essential to consider factors like overall health and medical history. Regular monitoring and consultation with healthcare professionals help manage blood sugar effectively.
Individuals with diabetes or those at risk for diabetes should consider consulting an endocrinologist under the following circumstances:
  • Difficulty Managing Blood Sugar: When standard treatments or primary care management prove insufficient.
  • Complications: If diabetes-related complications arise, such as kidney problems or neuropathy.
  • Unexplained Changes: If there are unexplained fluctuations in blood sugar levels or unusual symptoms.
  • Pregnancy: For diabetic individuals planning or experiencing pregnancy.
  • Type 1 Diabetes: Particularly for those with type 1 diabetes or unusual forms of diabetes.
  • Continuous Glucose Monitoring: When advanced monitoring or insulin pump therapy is necessary.
Consultation with an endocrinologist ensures specialized care and management tailored to individual needs.