department of physiotherapy in Chennai at Vinita Health Hospitals

The department of physiotherapy in Chennai at Vinita Health Hospital addresses all the health issues of our patients through well-defined and wellness fitness programs that cater to a complete and advanced patient care across almost all specialties. It provides all the programs and modules to help the patients in improving their health, well-being like mobility, flexibility and agility that can aid you to lead a quality life. Each cutting-edge treatment is customized depending on the individual requirements and our patients are provided with the best of treatments by an expert physiotherapist in Chennai.

Physiotherapy is a part of holistic treatment that encompasses collaborative and multidisciplinary approaches where exclusive rejuvenating, reshaping and empowering programs are conducted. It is helpful for people despite all age groups treating a wide range of health conditions including problems affecting the:

  • Bones, joints and soft tissues – such as neck pain, back pain, knee pain, muscle pain, joint pain, shoulder pain, pelvic pain, sprains and strains, and sports injuries.
  • Brain or nervous system – such as mobility issues resulting from a stroke, Parkinson’s disease or multiple sclerosis.
  • Lungs or breathing related issues – such as cystic fibrosis and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Moreover, physiotherapy in Chennai requires a timely intervention to avoid bad consequences of the existing health condition along with improving your overall physical activity and preventing further injuries or complications. Our experienced team of physiotherapists and rehabilitation specialists develop special programs based on the following criteria and parameters such as a comprehensive assessment process, proper clinical evaluation, interaction and discussion with the physician, customized physiotherapy modules and reassessment and periodic follow ups.


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